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Paranthropology 2:4

The sixth issue (2:4) of the free journal Paranthropology (“anthropological approaches to the paranormal”) is now available to download. In the new release:

  • “The Anthropology of the Possible: The Anthropologist at Sceptical Enquirer” – Lee Wilson
  • “Dreams and Telepathic Communication” – David E. Young
  • “Believing the Malagasy: Towards a Methodology for Studying the Paranormal Among Other Normal Things” – Christel Mattheeuws
  • “Neo-Shamanism, Psi, and Their Relationship With Transpersonal Psychology” – Mark A. Schroll
  • “Mushroom (and Masalai) Madness in Melanesia: Drug Traditions and Cultural Change in Highland Societies in Papua New Guinea” – Henry Dosedla
  • “Crop Circles as Psychoid Manifestation: Borrowing Jung’s Analysis of UFOs to Approach the Phenomenon of the Crop Circle” – William Rowlandson
  • “Eileen Garrett’s Haitian Diary” – Eileen J. Garrett
  • “What’s Wrong With Parapharmanthropology (Apart from the Name)?” – David Luke

And in case you haven’t read this great resource before, all of the previous issues remain available to download from the site as well. Don’t forget to support the journal with a PayPal donation if you find it interesting/useful…these things don’t throw themselves together.