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Back in 2004 my good friend Mark James Foster (design genius behind our online mag Sub Rosa and various books released by Daily Grail Publishing) gave me a book that he had written, titled Everywhere But No Place. Up until that point, I only knew Mark as a wonderful graphic designer – but after reading his book, I was sickened to learn that he may be an even better fiction author…far too much talent for one person to have in my opinion! Everywhere But No Place is a great science fiction and fantasy crossover (in my opinion), taking virtual reality and infusing it with a strange magic (being far more worthy of the famous Matrix quote, “Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, ’cause Kansas is going bye-bye!”). And his descriptive flourishes are just spot-on (seven years later, I still remember the line describing two decrepit tower blocks in a housing estate as looking like “a pair of dark concrete fingers telling the sky to f**k off”.)

Unfortunately, Mark’s book was never picked up by a big publisher (perhaps because it didn’t conform to tired old formulas). However, the recent ‘revolution’ in publishing has meant that Mark has now been able to release the novel as a Kindle eBook, for the absolutely crazy price of $2.77 at Amazon US (£1.71 at Amazon UK, and €2.99 at Amazon.de)! At that price I recommend you *all* go and download a copy, for reading on your Kindle, Apple/Android/Blackberry device or just on your computer via Amazon’s Kindle software.

Here’s a view of the cover with some of the internal text:

If you’d like a taste of the novel before buying (seriously though, at that price?!), head to the official Everywhere But No Place website, where you can read more about the book, including some sample material. Well worth a couple of dollars – hours of enjoyment in return. Would be great to see the Grail battalions push it up the Kindle charts where it might receive further attention from others!

Get your copy now: