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As a book-lover, and a person with a yearning for simplicity and soulfulness, this video made my day: The Secret Bookstore. Forced out of the bookshop business by rising real estate prices, Michael Seidenberg decided to do something illegal – he made his own apartment into a bookstore.

This would have not been my ideal. I wouldn’t have thought I’d want to have a bookshop in a location that no one knows about. But once I did it, it just seemed realer than almost everything else. I find ways to survive without it making enough money to be what you would call a successful business. If it’s all about money, there’s just better things to sell.

…Here’s the funny thing. My name is known, and my name is in the phone book, and anybody can call me, but of course in this age of super-intelligence, no-one has a phone book. So, I always thought that was pretty shocking, that I was hiding in plain sight. Come find me and visit me, and I’m yours.

Hopefully, despite the internet attention, Brazenhead Books remains “a secret” well into the future…