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EdgeScience #8

Issue 8 of the free PDF magazine EdgeScience is now available to download from the website of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE). In the new issue:

  • Paul Smith takes an inside look at the field of ‘Remote Viewing’.
  • Roger Nelson offers an update on the Global Consciousness Project.
  • Ron Westrum examines the incidence of ‘hidden events’ via a case study of battered children.
  • Robyn Lindley dives into the evolution debate and asks: was Lamarck also right?

More content as well as that listed above, plus all seven previous issues remain available to download from the website. Don’t forget also: if you enjoy the mag, send a bit of love via the PayPal button to help ensure the future of this excellent free e-zine (or alternatively pick up a paper copy for $4.95). Note too that there is an app for viewing the PDF release on the iPad as well.

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