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Catastrophe for Catastrophism?

Is the Earth periodically thrown into chaos by short-lived geological and astronomical events? The idea is considered to be somewhat heretical in scientific circles, at least when it comes to the claim that this periodicity is perhaps consistent, and due to interactions between astronomical objects and the Earth (see, for example, Immanuel Velikovsky). One recent suggestion for a mechanism behind catastrophism is a ‘dark companion’ star to our own, named Nemesis. However, at Cosmic Log.

  1. Not really all that puzzling
    Clube and Napier came up with a simple explanation for the periodicity of ELEs which has been suppressed for 30 years.

    Someday someone will write a history of the science of impact studies. I’ve got a title for them: “Worlds in Denial”.

      1. Peace and Safety in Our Times?
        “End of the World” paranoia is ingrained in the human consciousness for a reason. Although the causes may not always be consistent, the various physical records (ice core, dendrology, etc.) are quite clear that catastrophy is a fact of life on Earth. As recent as 1159 BC much of the world was plunged into a 20-year period of no tree growth. How much of the world’s population would survive that same event today? 10 percent?

  2. Nemsis and Niburu are not Clube and Napier, nor myself,
    as none of us expected WISE to find either Nemesis or Niburu.

    While Morrison and Muller, the Nemesis’s hypothesis’s champions, find themselves in an embarassing position,

    We coherent catastrophists are doing quite well, thank you.
    The injection mechanism for COMETS (not asteroids) is gravitational perturbations as our solar system passes through the plane of our galaxy.

    Given the millions of years ago that these impacts occurred, it is not surprising that the geologists have not found all the craters yet. It took them 30 years to find Shiva.

    PREDICTED EXTINCTIONS (27,000,000 period):
    11 mya: Miocene, Serravillian
    38 mya: Eocene, Bartonian
    65 mya: KT Extinction
    92 mya: Cretaceous, Turonian
    119 mya: Cretaceous, Aptian
    146 mya: Jurassic, Tithonian
    173 mya: Jurassic, Aalenian
    200 mya: Triassic-Jurassic Boundary
    227 mya: Triassic, Carnian
    254 mya: Permian, Wuchuapingian
    281 mya: Permian, Artinskian
    308 mya: Carboniferous, Moscovian
    335 mya: Carboniferous, Visean
    362 mya: Devonian, Famennian
    389 mya: Devonian, Givetian
    416 mya: Silurian-Devonian Boundary
    443 mya: Ordovician-Silurian Boundary
    470 mya: Ordovician, Dapingian
    497 mya: Cambrian, Furongian

    14.5 mya: Middle Miocene Disruption (off by 3 my)
    33.9 mya: Late Eocene Extinctions (off by 4 my)
    65 mya: KT Extinction.
    93.5 mya: Cennomanian-Turonian (off by 1.5 mya)
    117 mya: Aptian Extinction (off by 2 my)
    145 mya: End Jurassic: often considered regional only (off by 1 my)
    183 mya: Toarcian Turnover (off by 10 my)
    200 mya: Triassic-Jurassic Extinction (spot on)
    228 mya: Carnian Extinctions? Questionable, supported, iirc, by Benton (off by 1 my)
    251 mya: PT Extinction (off by 3 my)
    260 mya: Guadelupian Mass Extinction (off by 6 my)
    Devonian extinctions: one damned thing after another,
    for a period of 20 to 30 million years…
    360 mya: Carboniferous-Devonian Boundary/Hangenberg Event(off by 2 my)
    375 mya: The Frasnian-Famennian/Kellwasser Event (off by 13 my)
    420 mya: Lau event (off by 4 my)
    423 mya: Mulde event (off by 7 my)
    426 mya: Irevikean event (off by 10 my)
    443 mya: Ordovician Mass Extinction (spot on)

    CAI’s were detected as a component of Comet Wilde.

    YD impact nanodiamonds have now been found world wide,
    and match those from the Tagish Lake meteorite.

    Hope this clears things up for you.

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