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Afterlife in the 'The Lovely Bones'

Cardiac Surgeon Tells of Veridical Near Death Experience

One of the strange and baffling aspects of the near death experience (NDE) phenomenon is the so-called ‘veridical’ NDE: that is, an account of the experiencer that seems to contain details that they should not have had access to during their flirtation with death, which they often claim to have ‘observed’ from a vantage point outside their body (during an out-of-body experience, or OBE). The most famous of these is perhaps the NDE of singer Pam Reynolds which occurred during her brain surgery, in which she described things happening in the operating theatre while she was at death’s door.

Now, in an interview on YouTube, pioneering cardiac surgeon Dr. Lloyd Rudy has mentioned NDEs that his patients have told him about, including one that seems to also offer strong evidence of perception from beyond the body:

If these sorts of cases interest you, a handy reference for further research is Janice Miner Holden’s article “Veridical Perception in Near-Death Experiences”, which can be found in The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences.

(h/t to Michael Prescott’s blog)

  1. Disassociation
    The last two minutes are probably the most important, since this famous cardiologists reveals that his colleagues have also mentioned several other NDE cases to him. Which goes to show our society is forcing a sort of disassociation between these medical professionals and their total inability to share more openly their accounts, for fear of ridicule and professional consequences — I ask, what could be more pathological?

    Something’s gotta give… fast.

    1. One consequence of the 2012
      One consequence of the 2012 energy is that these things are growing more acceptable to discuss. People’s brains are actually changing I think, and it may be that “2012” has already happened. We are just slow to wake up to it. This may be one of those events that only become known in retrospect. The 911 event was to me the 2012 event. It had all the planetary consciousness changing attributes of a true planetary shift, and did things in a manner not predicted. Busting the op has been the real mind blower. That may have been 2102 in part. The exact dates for a 2012 type event have always been in doubt, but there has been evidence that shit would hit the fan somewhere around 2012, and it did.

      1. 2012 already happened
        Like that minister who scared us all with the impending Rapture, only to explain later that the Rapture *did* happen, but in a spiritual manner? 😉

        I tease. It’s been a hard day down here.

        1. I forgive you, brother. Light
          I forgive you, brother. Light heartedness is fine in the eyes of the Lord. He that cracketh the smile cracketh the heavens asunder and let us feast at the the lap of the Big Smile.

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