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George P. Hansen

Trickster and the Paranormal eBook

Worth noting: George P. Hansen’s seminal book The Trickster and the Paranormal is now available as an eBook for just $9.99.

The paranormal encompasses everything from levitating monks to ESP, from spirits to cattle mutilations — an incredible and unsavory hodgepodge. The mix seems incoherent. But the trickster makes sense of it.

Among other things, this book explains:

  • Why parapsychology and UFOs are shunned by establishment science.
  • How anthropology and literary criticism apply to the paranormal.
  • Why psychic phenomena are associated with mystical practices.
  • Why tabloids often put paranormal features on their front pages.

Trickster theories are not well known. They are scattered across disciplines and hidden in obscure academic tomes. The Trickster and the Paranormal brings them together.

Given that the paperback retails for $22 on Amazon, the eBook release is certainly good value, and provides an affordable way for everyone to own this fascinating look at the trickster archetype within both the paranormal and skeptical fields. For further information about the book, including a wealth of ancillary material, head to

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