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Note please: regular news updates are continuing, you can find them all in the river of news view. Leaving this story on the front page for the week so that all visitors get to see it (so far, from the last 38,000 page visits, we have 25 donations/subscriptions).


In July last year I suggested that Daily Grail readers and supporters could help keep the site running, evolving, and independent by sending a small annual ‘voluntary subscription’ (ie. donation). The money raised certainly contributed enormously to the ongoing health of the Grail – my sincere thanks to all those who valued the site enough to part with their hard-earned coin, it is appreciated more than you probably imagine. Your support has enabled me to continue working on site improvements (work on the next upgrade is underway) as well as expand the Daily Grail’s readership, contributor base, and our publishing efforts (stand by for a number of fascinating book releases).

Money raised in this fashion – now commonly known as “crowd-funding” – has become an essential part of independent publishing over the past year. And so, once again, I’m putting out a call for those that got something from TDG over the past year to give just a little back. Below you’ll find a ‘Donate’ button through which you can send a secure, absolutely voluntary ‘subscription’ to The Daily Grail via PayPal (either using a PayPal account, or using credit card/bank account details):

You can enter any amount you like in the form. If you prefer to send a check, please email me personally to discuss it (there are significant bank fees involved for foreign checks being banked here in Australia): head to our Contact page and select ‘Greg (editor’) under the ‘Category. (n.b. scummy people trying to buy TDG’s user emails or advertising hidden as content: don’t even bother, k thx.)

If you can’t even afford to make a small donation, don’t fret – you can certainly do other things to help the site. Support the advertising sponsors who purchase banner space by checking out their wares if they are of interest to you. Put links to The Daily Grail or our articles on your site, email them to your friends, or post them to Facebook or Twitter – if everyone brings a friend to the site, that doubles our readership, and hence doubles our advertising revenue.

Small things can make a big difference, especially when done in numbers – we appreciate any help you can offer us!