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A few weeks ago I posted 10 Amazing Timelapse Videos (actually, 11), and it’s been a very popular feature here on TDG. So thought I’d point out that two of the film-makers featured in the original article have since released new timelapse pieces, and include them here for your enjoyment.

Terje Sorgjerd featured twice in my list, and rightly so. His latest video, “The Arctic Light” again showcases his wonderful artistry, and the amazing sights of the arctic circle:

My favorite natural phenomenon is one I do not even know the name of, even after talking to meteorologists and astrophysicists I am none the wiser.What I am talking about I have decided to call The Arctic Light and it is a natural phenomenon occurring 2-4 weeks before you can see the Midnight Sun.

The Sunset and Sunrise are connected in one magnificent show of color and light lasting from 8 to 12 hours. The sun is barely going below the horizon before coming up again. This is the most colorful light that I know, and the main reason I have been going up there for the last 4 years, at the exact
same time of year, to photograph.

Randy Halverson’s “Sub Zero” (#6 on my original list) provided some wonderful sequences of the stars at night, and his latest ,”Plains Milky Way” continues that theme:

During the month of May, I shot Milky Way timelapse in central South Dakota, when I had the time, and the weather cooperated. The biggest challenge was cloudy nights and the wind. There were very few nights, when I could shoot, that were perfectly clear, and often the wind was blowing 25mph +. That made it hard to get the shots I wanted. I kept most of the shots low to the ground, so the wind wouldn’t catch the setup and cause camera shake, or blow it over.

You can read about, and see more of Randy Halverson’s work, at the DakotaLapse website.