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Earlier this month Science Channel’s Through the Wormhole series (hosted by Morgan Freeman) featured an episode on “Life After Death”, which touched on a number of topics we’ve discussed here previously, perhaps most notably ‘quantum consciousness’ as an explanation for afterlife experiences. This short excerpt below talks to one of our old friends, Dr Stuart Hameroff, about his own theory (proposed in tandem with distinguished mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose):

This echoes what Stuart told me in a Daily Grail interview we did way back in 2004:

TDG: In your opinion, does the hypothesis of ‘quantum consciousness’ provide a model for anomalous experiences such as Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) and Near Death Experiences (NDEs)?

SH: I would say possibly yes. Under normal circumstances consciousness occurs in the fundamental level of spacetime geometry confined in the brain. But when the metabolism driving quantum coherence (in microtubules) is lost, the quantum information leaks out to the spacetime geometry in the universe at large. Being holographic and entangled it doesnt dissipate. Hence consciousness (or dream-like subconsciousness) can persist.

See the links at the bottom of this post for more reading and viewing on this topic.

You can find out more about Through the Wormhole, which has already asked a number of other fascinating questions in the latest series, at the show’s website.

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