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Alex Jones, a true moron of the 21st century

Alex Jones and the DMT Conspiracy

This has been all over the internet this week, but just in case you haven’t seen it: conspiranoiac Alex Jones spills the beans about the secret agenda of the machine clockwork elves, infiltrating the minds of world leaders through DMT injections spurring them on to build the Large Hadron Collider and open an inter-dimensional portal so the elves can spill through into our reality…

I’m a bit confused about some of the details. But then again, I’d imagine y’all are too…

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  1. from the Prefect-Future-Dept.

    o Alex Jones has jumped the shark?

    o His globalists are engaged in intentional brain change?

    o His globalists are in contact with Higher Intelligences?

    o Alex Jones worships a G_d of the Bible?

    o His globalists are actually trying to help humanity?

  2. Who’s whacked out of their minds?
    So the Bilderberg Group was taking DMT in the 1940’s, Black op’s also take DMT, Ray Kurzweil is part of the global elite and may also take DMT(?) and they are all the whacked out ones?

    For someone who doesn’t really believe in everything he just talked about he sure gets agitated about it.

  3. What the devil…
    I have to say, I find this video a little perplexing. Corresponding privately with RPJ, we had a bit of a laugh about the notion of a “global conspiracy” and folks in covert government programs and secret societies using DMT to contact interdimensional aliens… I remember Jones saying a while back that “flying saucers” was a subject he preferred not to touch on with his show’s format. Now he’s jumping right off the other end of the diving board, it seems!


  4. There would be nothing
    There would be nothing surprising at all about DMT being a drug fad among the super wealthy and super powerful. There is all kinds of boredom in the realm of the bored super wealthy and fads of various kinds sweep through their ranks routinely. Coupled with the intoxication of power a drug like DMT could very well be supplying a mythical overlay for these people these days. Jones is correct that it could be dangerous to the extent that it deranges minds who hold sway over powerful instruments of our culture and technology. The silly thing is how worked up he gets about it. He probably does not have enough actual intelligence on the topic to be so alarmed that he should be sputtering, but I would be concerned too if the apex of power in its unease in the face of current international events – especially economic – had started tuning out with DMT in an attempt to both escape impending disruptions and also seek a new mythological comfort.
    It is also true that among the bored rich there has lately been a renascence of interest in black magic. DMT is the perfect drug analogue to magickal practices.

  5. Think
    Think this is a sort-of watershed moment in the popularity of Alex Jones. It’s like when Glenn Beck was ranting that the Egyptian revolution was a set-up for a Europe-wide caliphate. He just seemed to be making shit up. A few months later, he was cancelled.

    Same thing here – Jones is actually criticizing the interests of a fair amount of his base. He really seems to be making stuff up to fill space, and if this isn’t true, then…

  6. the times and trials of the spirit molecule
    watching this is like when I watched a local evening news report concerning DMT, which went something like this: LETHAL NEW DRUG ON OUR STREETS!!! HIDE YOUR CHILDREN!!!” DMT is neither new nor lethal. It was synthesized over a decade before LSD and was known of much earlier. Plus its in just about every living thing, including, but not limited Alex Jones. The experience can scare the pants of someone unprepared, but its not physically dangerous in the least. In fact, the brain treats the molecule like gold and uses energy to get at it, which the brain only does for a precious few chemicals.

    I may be unqualified to make such a judgment, but I don’t think he could more more wrong about DMT. It inspires a great deal of spiritual, hippie-ish tendencies in its users. It’s probably the substance most anathema to a globalist technocrat. This molecule would probably make Ray Kurzweil join a nature cult if he actually did it. Its not a cheap thrill, its the most potent psychedelic/spiritual/mystical experience possible outside of an NDE (which it has been known to trigger). Someone else said it best: Alex Jones finally jumped the shark.

    I don’t know what Alex Jones is smoking, but its not DMT.

    1. Designer drug? Hell no!

      Its not a cheap thrill, its the most potent psychedelic/spiritual/mystical experience possible outside of an NDE (which it has been known to trigger). Someone else said it best: Alex Jones finally jumped the shark.

      My feelings exactly 🙂

    1. Back to Black Mesa
      Actually, Valve released Half Life 2 some years ago, along with 2 more chapters after that, and we gamers are anxiously waiting for the third installment… hopefully in time for 2012 😉

      1. from the Good-Adaptation-of-Steven-King-Dept.
        The game certainly played with my fears — after that game, I hated headcrabs in ductwork and being up very high…that bit that always gets me is where you have to jump across the many crates that are hanging over a pit of death.

        The first one did a good job with ‘don’t show, imply’ thang.

        I was happy to hear aboot Portal & Portal 2 and while I can appreciate the designs and graphics, it didn’t have any emotional impact on me at all.

    1. Conspiracy videogames
      Well, if Alex concocted his theory by playing Half Life 2, let’s just pray like a mantis he doesn’t find out about Assassin’s Creed 2, or he’ll blow a fuse 😛

  7. So far I see no mention of an
    So far I see no mention of an elephant in the living room. Ostensibly, Jones is talking about chronic DMT use in a population that may not be mentally healthy to begin with – a group of people isolated by their money, power and celebrity and looking for group cohesiveness or identity just as does a tribe in the Amazon when they use the drug or its analogues. There can be a very big “group effect” when taking these drugs especially when the group regards itself to be separate and unique. Chronic use of DMT in this setting could indeed produce a group pyschosis and delusion, and if these people have much more money than sense then any damn thing can and probably will happen. Were they just your average down the street loonies with their own bizarre religion we would probably not concern ourselves with them, but when they can do very big mischief by way of money and power then I think Jones is right to be alarmed. If you were looking for a drug to help buttress a myth of aliens you could do no better than DMT.
    There is another angle to this as well. What we in the orgoniteering community are seeing is a slowly developing ruse perpetrated by our military/industrial complex to slowly insinuate into popular consciousness an alien invasion myth or some kind of myth involving aliens. We see the chemtrail project being used as a backdrop for visual effects in the sky that are probably holographic, and we see what look like simulations of “space ships” sometimes within these visual effects. Promulgating the use of DMT among the so called elites would certainly help the cause of creating an intense UFO meme, and since the average Joe tends to look towards their social superiors for self modeling then getting the upper castes enthusiastic about ET’s and space intelligence could very well be part of an ingenious project to create a mass culture completely suggestible on the subject of ET’s. There appears to us to be a very active mass “hallucination” being developed just offstage.

    People should be free to do whatever they want to do, and I could care less whether a POTUS for instance is taking DMT at Camp David as long as he or she doesn’t have the red button in their grasp at the same time. I am just saying that anytime a fad gets going among the power brokers and their kids pay attention. Something very interesting and maybe very nasty could develop. I doubt that a mass DMT alien hyped culture could ever really get going by starting a DMT fad. The more intresting thing to me is that certain people might think it a worthwhile project. It is sort of like the supersecret chemtrail project – in and of itself it may be doing little harm, but the fascinating thing about it is that it says something about the ture mentality of some of the people who have the power to push some of our buttons.

    1. Chronic DMT use
      There’s a reason why the government of Brazil keeps Ayahuasca legal: it’s impossible to get into a ‘chronic DMT use’. If you have *one* bad experience with it, you’d stop using it and never look back. And even after that, there’s a pretty good chance you’d end up in the hospital… or dead.

      The fact is Jones is way off in his speculations. He doesn’t know the right terminology —clockwork elves??— his theory is completely ludicrous.

      DMT is the opposite of Cocaine or Heroine. It’s a mirror: it doesn’t feed your ego or sense of superiority or delusions of grandeur; on the contrary, it shows you your defects and failings as a person in the harshest of ways. No way the elite would ever risk to fool with THAT.

      1. from the Writing-OUT-Loud-Dept.
        [quote=scarlet pebble aficionado]It’s a mirror: it doesn’t feed your ego or sense of superiority or delusions of grandeur; on the contrary, it shows you your defects and failings as a person in the harshest of ways.[/quote]

        Straw! Maybe this should be a part of the whole penitentiary process, to help inmates in their rehabilitation?

  8. I have heard elsewhere that
    I have heard elsewhere that there is a DMT subculture among the “eyes wide shut” crowd these days. It is possible this was fostered in the same manner that the CIA placed LSD within the culture in the 60’s. Jones knows nothing about DMT, and is about half cracked, but I have always admired him for just bringing stuff to light – never mind what he makes of it.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out some of what he was saying was true. The old basement witchcraft of the elites morphing into a new form of communication. But Alex should also ask himself why someone keeps letting him into the brainwashing facilities. And maybe it’s just me, but this whole video strikes me as another gag the elves would play on the humans.

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