Skeptical Take on Bigfoot

Eugenie Scott is an important player in the creationism-evolution school battle in the United States, and numerous other aspects of the teaching of science, via her role as the Executive Director of National Center for Science Education (NCSE). She is also intimately involved in skeptical groups such as the Bay Area Skeptics and CSI(COP), and is the author of Evolution vs Creationism and co-editor of Not in Our Classrooms: Why Intelligent Design Is Wrong for Our Schools. Scott has been criticised in the past by the more ‘militant’ atheists for not being outspoken enough against religion and creationism.

Scott is also a physical anthropologist with an interest (of the skeptical kind) in the existence of large primate cryptids such as Bigfoot and Yeti. In the following talk, “Bigfoot and Other Wild Men of the Forest”, she puts forward her views on the topic:

Bigfoot, Yeti, and hordes of other cryptoid missing links have been igniting human imagination for ages. Even the most skeptical of us must wonder if it’s possible there really could be large, undiscovered primates on earth, still unknown to us humans.

Can we be so sure we’ve found them all? And if some enticing evidence presented itself, how would we test it scientifically?

Tonight physical anthropologist Eugenie Scott will help us answer the question of whether or not we might one day be able to welcome some long lost relatives to the family tree.

H/T to @Daniel_Loxton.

  1. Bigfoot is a whole ‘nuther
    Bigfoot is a whole ‘nuther thing entirely. The rational known science approach is useless here. Bigfoot is a transdimensional being engineered by the space boys for who knows what reason. It is likely a bioengineered species waiting in the wings to be released in large numbers on our planet should homo sapiens sapiens make an utter mess of it here and require replacement. Bigfoot looks an awful lot like a blending of the best characteristics of the lower animals in their hardiness with a higher set of senses and intellect uniquely suited to thriving harmonously in a natural ecosystem but on a higher spiritul plane whuck is what sapiens was supposed to have been, but you can’t win ’em all now can you. Bigfoot is the alternate model kept humming along just offstage just in case the main characters blow it.
    It is sad watching the squares run the numbers on the likelihood of Bigfoot based on what we currentlly know an earth ecosytem to be. That is not pertinent here. Bigfoot is the next model and a somewhat different primate ecology.

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