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News Briefs 30-05-2011

Starting all over again…

Quote of the Day:

[B]iologists, who once postulated a privileged role for the human mind in nature’s hierarchy, have been moving relentlessly toward the hard-core materialism that characterised nineteenth-century physics. At the same time, physicists, faced with compelling experimental evidence, have been moving away from strictly mechanical models of the universe to a view that sees the mind as playing an integral role in all physical events. It is as if the two disciplines were on fast-moving trains, going in opposite directions and not noticing what is happening across the tracks.

Harold Morowitz

  1. Raptured Fields
    Re: Russian crop circles

    Those are some of the most unusual looking crop formations I have ever seen.

    Some of the explanations so far have been mostly weather related… as in straight line winds, etc. And confessing no degree in either meteorology or industrial agriculture, I shan’t argue against this as being the cause.

    But still and all, the overhead views of this huge formation are very compelling. They seem to almost speak to you, saying something in whispers that make about as much sense as those things conjured up by the passing clouds.

    They may be entirely natural but… even if they are, there is still a very definite urge to look on in awe.

    1. Geometry Flunks
      Isn’t it high time we *stop* calling any shape we find in a crop field a ‘circle’?? It’s like watching a triangular craft in the sky that’s later reported as a flying saucer (Sheesh).

      How about ‘crop formations’? I personally like the term ‘agro-glyph’ but that’s because I’m a pompous snob 😉

  2. New Pyamids ‘discovered’ in Egypt.
    I watched the BBC programme about the new technology last night here in the UK, and almost wished I hadn’t.

    They took 90 minutes to explain what could have taken 20 to 30 minutes at most, included a ‘Hawass’ special on the great pyramid, complete with strange statements from Hawass about ‘bodies in the great pyramid’…, and generally repeated and repeated information with split screen action shots of cars driving in deserts, with two suitably impressed presenters.

    And then to cap it all, a revolution in Egypt halted excavation work so there was not much to report at the end of the show.

    However, the technology does appear to work, so overall, very good news for archaeology.

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