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Beyond Best Evidence for UFOs

In 2007 film-maker Paul Kimball debuted his excellent documentary Best Evidence: Top Ten UFO Sightings, and earlier this year he generously posted the entire thing online, free for anyone to watch. Paul’s now looking to create a follow-up, Beyond Best Evidence, and he’s asking for your help – he wants to partly crowd-source the financing for the new documentary, and has created an IndieGoGo campaign with a number of packages of varying levels available to reward those who contribute:

Best Evidence was just the first part of a two part series. It was meant to establish the foundation from which one could ask the most important question. As my old friend, the late Mac Tonnies, stated at the end of Best Evidence: “what does it all mean?”

Beyond Best Evidence: The UFO Enigma is a feature-length documentary that will take the cases shown in Best Evidence, as well as a couple of new ones that highlight what appear to be some of the more “high strangeness” aspects of the phenomenon, and explore with the three key possible explanations with world’s leading experts on the subject, as follows:

1. Extraterrestrial Hypothesis – This explanation maintains that UFO sightings represent proof of visitation to Earth by advanced extraterrestrials from another world, most likely within what proponents term of “local galactic neighbourhood.”

2. Interdimensional Hypothesis – This explanation maintains that UFO sightings involve visitations from other “realities” or “dimensions” that co-exist alongside our own. It also holds that UFOs are a modern manifestation of a phenomenon that has occurred throughout recorded human history, which in prior ages were ascribed to mythological or supernatural forces and creatures.

3. Psychosocial hypothesis – This explanation maintains that UFO Sightings can be explained by psychological or social means, examples of which include wishful thinking, hallucinations, hoaxes, and misidentification of prosaic objects, such as satellites, aircraft, or natural phenomena.

Beyond Best Evidence is a feature length documentary that is being made independent of the mainstream broadcast system, so that we’ll have the editorial freedom to explore any and possibilities about the UFO phenomenon without having to conform to network requirements to create “reality-based TV”, which never has anything to do with actual reality.

The film is being financed using a combination of funding sources – community fundraising, Redstar Film’s own production and post-production resources, federal and provincial film tax credits here in Canada, and private investment. Every dollar raised will be going directly into the production of the film.

It’s also worth noting that all net profit received from the sale of Beyond Best Evidence will be donated to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada, a charitable cause near and dear to producer/director Paul Kimball. So definitely a fun and worthy cause to contribute at least a few dollars to: head on over to the IndieGoGo page for more information.

  1. Let’s make this happen!
    47 days left, and only a thousand bucks collected…

    And then we —the ones who actually take this issue seriously— all spend our time on-line complaining on how the media networks are always showing UFO stories with the X-Files music on the background, or how much attention films like the 4th Kind receive :-/

  2. Thanks for posting this
    Thanks for posting this Greg.

    RPJ – I have to admit that the response so far has been disappointing, but there’s still lots of time, and Tim Binnall and I remain optimistic.


    1. from the Sublime-Supine-Suprafantastico-Dept.
      Well, it’s like the 1st gulf war and, for the first time in humanity’s existence, the beginnings of a world wide electrical grid providing power to those who desperately need it…one was stopped for the other.

      The timing was off. And timing can be very important.

      Perhaps it’s a bit like we rulers of this Oith live in a kind of Heaven where miracles happen every day…so the miraculous and fringe becomes ordinary…

  3. Even when the truth is out there
    While the effort and effect of a video to provide the best evidence is a genuine attempt to enlighten the world on what is out there is the world really wanting to know the truth? There is a story in Yahoo news today of a young man in San Diego that is recording UFOs in some type of combat maneuvers. They removed my comment because they said it lacked moderation. I said I had seen the same type of blinking lights with my own eyes and not with some optical instrument. I just considered them to be some type of military training maneuvers because they would circle around each other and sometimes a red blast of light like an explosion would be seen that I just took to be flares. They were very high up and to the east of my home location. I liked to sit on my steps and watch them at night and I have seen this happen several times. I didn’t consider them to be aliens but they were UFOs at least to me. Videos are entertaining but I believe only real physical evidence is all that can convince the world to believe their own eyes without listening to the experts tell them what they see. I’m not skeptical of aliens just experts. I’ve heard too many personal stories of people who have seen crafts do things human technology can’t do as far as we have evidence to know.

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