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Source Code Released

Duncan Jones, director of the wonderful indie sci-fi movie Moon, has a new (major studio) film out: Source Code, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan. The premise of the film is that Gyllenhaal’s character enters the mind of another man and relives the last 8 minutes before his death in a terrorist bombing, over and over (a la Groundhog Day), in an attempt to solve the crime. You can watch the trailer at YouTube, and also check out the first five minutes of the movie below:

Our favourite Cosmic Logger Alan Boyle has posted an interview with Jones, in which he discusses the fringe science and consciousness issues that underpin the movie’s plot (as well as that ever-present elephant in the room, his famous father David Bowie). According to Jones, the movie “fits within the world of Philip K. Dick…he and J.G. Ballard are probably the two authors who have most excited me in my science-fiction reading throughout my life, and it’s always been my dream to actually make a film that captures the essence of what I love about those two particular writers.” Jones, Gyllenhaal, PKD, fringe science and mysteries of consciousness…it all looks pretty good to me.

But if you’re looking for an authoritative review of the movie before plonking down some coin, go no further than Roger Ebert’s take.

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