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Learn to Lucid Dream

Consider this: approximately a third of our life is spent asleep, and in an average lifetime we experience about half a million dreams. And yet for most of us that part of our existence is like a closed book – we might remember an occasional vivid dream, but usually our dreams are just vague, fragmented shadows that evaporate in our minds as soon as we open our eyes. So here’s a new book from Daily Grail Publishing to help us all reclaim this ‘lost’ part of our lives, and what’s more, get loads of enjoyment out of it: Lucid Dreaming, by Paul and Charla Devereux (available from Amazon US and Amazon UK). This updated and revised edition of their classic 1998 guidebook explains the history and nature of dreams and lucid dreams, and then presents a uniquely comprehensive range of techniques, tools and aids for attaining lucid dreaming yourself:

Forget your 3D cinema and TV, and your virtual cyber-worlds – these are but pale electronic imitations of what you can access through your own mind. This book shows you how to dream lucidly, which means waking up inside dreams while still physiologically asleep. Lucid dreaming is a genuine altered state of consciousness, not merely vivid dreaming, in which you can find yourself in other realities that seem as real as waking consciousness. There is no limit to the creations you can explore, because the biological wonder that is your brain is the most complex thing we know of. You can have fun, meet departed friends and relatives as if they were still alive, rehearse actions you have to undertake in the normal world of daily reality, experience mystical and paranormal mind states, and much more.

Go grab a copy of Lucid Dreaming from Amazon US or Amazon UK and “live the dream”! Besides the personal benefit you’ll gain from reading the book, each copy sold helps keep the Daily Grail up and running, so it’s a win-win situation. And feel free to spread the word to friends!

(Note: If Amazon says the book is “temporarily out of stock”, it’s just a quirk in their system. They should be able to refill stock within 24 hours)

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