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Alchemeyez Visionary Art Congress

Our good friend Adam Scott Miller, who created much of the amazing artwork in our PDF magazine Sub Rosa, will be one of a number of artists featured at the 2011 Alchemeyez Visionary Art Congress, to be held May 13-15 in Hawaii. Here’s the flyer for the event, for more details visit the website:

We are a collective of artists, musicians, educators, spiritualists, and visionaries dedicated to the idea that Conscious Art and Music can reflect and catalyze the necessary changes in our culture that will provide a theme of upliftment and reinvigoration of the Spiritual into our societies and species at large. Through the Creation of Sacred art forms and meditations, we aim to inspire and transform our communities, cities and nations.

This Event and Congress has been created as a Festival, a Conference and a Model for schooling by which we can discuss and share among ourselves and the Attendees, methods, ideas and visions for allowing this change. In a word, while Alchemeyez is entertaining, and a cause for celebration, we are embarking on this Voyage to bring about conscious ideation with our work, music, art-forms and voices. Artists and musicians chosen to provide the body of work at this amazing event are collectively engaged in this model and mission. The term Alchemeyez is a new spelling of the verb meaning ‘to engage in alchemy’ and uses the root word form coupled with the ‘eyez’ of internal contemplative Vision.

We invite participants at this landmark Conference and Festival to allow deep reflection on these themes and to use the art, experiences, and messages encountered at Alchemeyez to bring new energy, insight, and inspiration to their lives, homes and places of labor.

For a sampling of the artists involved, check out this promotional video for the event:

Get along if you can, sure to be a feast for the eyeballs and the mind.

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