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TAM 9 From Outer Space

The annual gathering of self-professed skeptics known as “The Amazing Meeting” is this year scheduled for July 14-17 at the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa in Las Vegas. As always there’s a big line-up of heavy hitters from the worlds of science (Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Phil Plait, Bill Nye, Lawrence Krauss), entertainment (Penn & Teller, Adam Savage, Banachek, Jamy Ian Swiss) and skepticism in general (Randi, Michael Shermer, Ben Radford, Richard Wiseman):

This year’s TAM will also feature as one of its themes a special space science and skepticism focus, titled “TAM 9 From Outer Space,” including a keynote address from science superstar Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium and host of the PBS program Nova ScienceNow.

We are happy to announce that our Master of Ceremonies this year will be the inimitable George Hrab!

But the best thing about TAM? It’s the community. You’ll be with hundreds of other people who prefer the world the way it really is: real.

Mmm, Las Vegas, as real as it gets baby. Seriously though, sounds like a good line-up (and Penn’s party on Friday night a feature), so why not head along, learn some things, and maybe teach a little as well. Say hi to P.Z. from me…