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Masonic Blade Runner House for Sale

In the market for a new house with a unique vibe and some cool history behind it? Look no further than Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic Ennis House in Los Angeles, the one-time residence of legendary esoteric researcher Manly P. Hall – and also Deckard in Blade Runner (note the distinctive design motif on the right):

Masonic researcher Christopher Hodapp points out another curious facet to the house is its links to Freemasonry:

The original owners who commissioned the home were Charles Ennis and his wife Mabel. Charles was originally from Pittsburgh, and relocated to LA to open a clothing store. Ennis was a Freemason, and some have squinted at the concrete block design and seen a Masonic square and compasses in it. Ennis only lived in the house for four years after it was completed. He was also a Knight Templar, and when he died in 1929 his funeral service was conducted in the living room by Los Angeles Commandery No. 9.

Sounds like your kind of deal? Plonk down a neat $7.5 million and it’s all yours…

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