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Pyramid Stones

Secret Chambers in the Great Pyramid

Mucho news coverage today of the ‘discovery’ of Khufu’s actual burial chamber in the Great Pyramid. Now first off, let’s get this straight – it’s not a “discovery”, or the revelation “of the existence of the chambers”, it’s just a hypothesis at this stage. Having got that out of the way, let’s dig in to the speculation.

This new hypothesis for the true burial chamber of Khufu has been put forward by French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin, and is based on similar known chambers in (Khufu’s father) Sneferu’s ‘Red’ pyramid at Dahshur, and a floor-level block in the King’s Chamber of Khufu’s pyramid which doesn’t actually support the blocks above it (see the Talking Pyramids website for the full explanation):

(Credit: Talking Pyramids)

If true, this would be a spectacular discovery. But I think at this stage it’s still to be taken with plenty of grains of salt…and the current situation in Egypt won’t make testing it any easier.

This isn’t the first time Houdin has put forward a theory about hidden structures in the Great Pyramid. He has previously put forward the hypothesis that the enigmatic monument was built using an internal ramp system, an idea that he expanded upon as co-author of the 2008 book The Secret of the Great Pyramid. Here’s a news report that mentions both of Houdin’s ideas and the plans to check for their existence:

And let’s not forget those other secret chambers that could well exist in the Great Pyramid…

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