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Study shows Welsh sheep more clever than thought – on those long and lonely nights they are charging the shepherds by the minute.

  • Biggest ever solar storm could cause power cuts which last for months.
  • Refuting a myth about human origins.
  • Helpful mutations didn’t sweep through early humans.
  • Earth’s core rotating faster than rest of the planet but slower than previously believed.
  • Thousands flee homes as Philippine volcano erupts.
  • Middle-earth according to Mordor.
  • Hawking contra Philosophy.
  • The case for play.
  • Printing out new ears and skin.
  • Major role played by plankton in Earth’s first breathable atmosphere.
  • British government approved sale of crowd control equipment to Libya.
  • In classical antiquity, philosophers thought the sun did not generate its own heat and light.
  • Why isn’t Wall Street in jail?
  • Oldest fossils ever found may not be fossils after all.

Quote of the Day:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

John F. Kennedy