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A few years back I reviewed Paul Kimball’s excellent documentary Best Evidence: The Top 10 UFO Cases. For those that haven’t yet seen it, here’s some good news: Paul has now posted the entire feature to Vimeo, and I’ve embedded it below for your viewing pleasure:

In case you don’t have time to watch the entire thing, you can also peruse individual YouTube clips of each of the ten cases at your leisure via this handy post at Paul’s blog. Also, Paul says that an enhanced and revised version of Best Evidence is in the works, and “will be available in Brazil in Portuguese soon, and then in English from Redstar Films”.

If you enjoy the documentary/clips, I heartily recommend dropping a couple of dollars in the tin for Paul via the PayPal ‘Donate’ button on the left-hand side of his blog “The Other Side of Truth“. Because that’s how us Grailers roll.

Thanks to RPJ for the heads-up.

  1. Special DVD edition coming soon!
    At TOTS, Paul has just announced an enhanced and revised DVD version will be coming later this year.

    I hope it will be full with special interviews and director’s comments 🙂

    1. Excellent!
      [quote=Paul Kimball]Hi Greg,

      Actually, you can also now see it in its entirety as one piece, at:

      Thus can folks see it as one film (the way it was intended to be seen), or they can see and post each constituent part from the individual clips, as they see fit.


      Hi Paul,

      Brilliant! (Though as of this moment it’s still ‘pending’ – “this video will be available for viewing shortly”).

      Have you thought about a PayPal tip-jar or similar for those that are happy to donate some cash your way in return?

        1. Hi Greg,
          The Grail remains at

          Hi Greg,

          The Grail remains at the top of my daily to-read list. Thanks again for the kind words – and for the prompt re: “tips”. 🙂


  2. Existential breakdowns always happen when your going #2
    Great documentary! I enjoy Top10 lists like it was no ones business. The ending statement is very fitting, indeed, I too agree that such things as UFO sightings would best be left on an open table, like most things.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the history channel offers you some big $$, I’m sure they need all the quality programming they can get(heard there’s a Larry the cable guy show on that channel now).

    1. Glad you liked it. I wouldn’t
      Glad you liked it. I wouldn’t hold your breath for the History Channel, but seeing as how I actually have an honours degree in history, maybe I’m the kind of guy who should be making programming for them. 😉

        1. The History Channel’s content
          The History Channel’s content is pulled this way and that by mighty forces. The recent spate of documentaries attempting to cement in place the sagging “officialy sanctioned” 911 theory shows just who some of their influences are. Both The History Channel amd The Discovery Channel are lately running lots of UFO shows too which subtly posit a hostile alien. Can’t help but think this is also part of the military/industrial complex’ developing meme to create a new hostile bogeyman to replace the fading “bin Laden,” the Soviets, the Arabs, et al. We need a new shined up and spiffier bogeyman these days, and these media organs are very likely part of the process of conditioning our expectations about what the new bogeyman will be and how we should regard it. It is not like the editorial board is being told what to do. It is just that they are offered very enticing programming with high production values by certain entities who themselves are plugged into the military/industrial complex. It is just a question of programming expedience,and the fact that certain financial;y well heeled production companies have a career militarist in the woodpile.
          The latest trends in reality shows are fascinating – what they portray is an America scrambling to scavenge what is left if its riches. The pawning and the picking are perfect metaphors for the selling off of natinal assets to foreign sovereign debt creditors like China. We are again being conditioned to accept the scavenging as the only option left to us in our current plight of deep and hopeless debt.
          The other shoe on the foot like the logging and swamping shows depict the citizenry reduced to hard scrabbling and “living off the land” as we used to in the early days. Message – get ready to scramble and scrabble again and learn to love it.

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