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Ladies atop the Great Pyramid

Visualising Giza

This is wonderful: Visualising Giza (Update June 2020: link now broken, sadly) is “an on-going project documenting Giza’s inspiration to explorers, artists, engravers and photographers from 1400 to 1923”. From the early fanciful drawings of 15th century explorers, to photos of swarms of infantryman covering Khufu’s Pyramid and the Sphinx during the Great War, “Visualising Giza” is the motherlode of imagery when it comes to these famous Egyptian monuments. Here’s one of my favourites – two ladies atop the Great Pyramid (at sunset) in 1920. They’re looking suspiciously elegant after a 450 foot climb…

I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Giza Plateau (just the once), and I hope anyone that hasn’t yet been gets the chance to do it at some point. Truly history on a grand scale (chronologically and physically):

Giza Pyramids - As Above So Below

View the whole collection at Visualising Giza. Thanks Paula.

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