News Briefs 07-12-2010

So basically Hilary Clinton says that Julian Assange should be charged with the heinous crime of espionage, for showing that she is involved in…espionage. This is a crazy world…

Thanks Rick.

Quote of the Day:

On their own, new technologies do not take sides in the struggle for freedom and progress. But the United States does. We stand for a single internet where all of humanity has equal access to knowledge and ideas. And we recognise that the world’s information infrastructure will become what we and others make of it. This challenge may be new, but our responsibility to help ensure the free exchange of ideas goes back to the birth of our republic.

Hilary Clinton

  1. image stuck in my mind 🙁
    [quote=]A second version describes how Bernard fell asleep during a prayer. Mary appeared and put her breast into his mouth in order to receive the wisdom of God.[/quote]

    …….I’m sorry…WHAT?!

      1. Dawkins
        Hello red pill junkie, I take it you also are not a Dawkins fan.
        Below review I wrote for book containing Hawkins wisdom.

        What are You Optimistic About?

        What are You Optimistic About?
        by John Brockman
        Edition: Hardcover

        1.0 out of 5 stars not reality, 31 Oct 2010

        This review is from: What are You Optimistic About? (Hardcover)

        It is amazing that in a public forum with royalties to collect “scientists can be so open minded.
        The truth is that Scientists in general and in reality shy away from almost every opportunity not driven by financial returns i.e. medical and computer,to further knowledge and instead, belittle and dismiss any advance.
        The scientific community hid all of quantum theory for almost 60 years with a establishment led fear of the unknown and condemned generations of bright students to a life of adding one more decimal point to the Carnot Cycle.
        Cold fusion was strangled before taking a single breath.
        Only with the advent of a challenge to current cryptography methods by mathematician was the quantum let loose, for the world to learn that nothing is as it seems.

        “Scientists” that are cocooned in an academia and fully supported by the establishment have been allowed to maintain a status quo of science that is outdated, limited and plainly wrong.
        Reductionist, mechanistic flat earthers have been free to promote a “science” that is but a shadow of reality, neo darwinism, Darwinism, the shortfalls of which where clearly seen by Darwin and totally discredited by the modern research, that has managed to escape the Censor.
        Their are even now “scientists” who in the highest positions of our University’s promote a, selfish Gene, condemning more generations to classical endeavorers.
        The Quantum will change everything from, “Mind” to “Magic” once set free of the chains of determinism, reductionism and scientific mediocrity.

        Their are even reductionist “scientist” who with a seeming complete unawareness of any scientific method try to advocate the absence of an intelligent creator.
        No scientific method can say something does not exist, when the research is at such a basic level that backward science does not even investigate NDE, OOBE,
        Jung’s synchronicity, Grof’s altered states of consciousness, etc. etc.
        If one uses, one of the favorite tools of the reductionist, Occam’s razor, then it clearly chooses a creator over Everett’s many worlds or Anthropic principles, weak or otherwise.
        If these authors had used the opportunity of this publication to highlight the faults and deficiency’s of the present and passed scientific paradigm, then some benefit may have ensued, but as a “we are all jolly good fellows” promotion I find it very little use to anybody.

        1. Not a fan
          Well, I’m not exactly completely anti-Dawkins. I don’t think I’m completely anti-anyone!* 😉

          But sometimes it’s fun to poke fun of them (the “skeptics” and vocal atheists). Childish I know, but they themselves are certainly not above such displays.

          (*)PZ Myers might come really close, though! 😛

  2. UFOs are interplanetary
    That UPI group may have come to that conclusion… or not —that’s Bragalia assumption based on the name of the group.

    But “inteplanetary” does not necessarily mean “crewed vehicle”. That’s another of Bragalia’s assumptions, based on some of McArthur’s public comments. Having said that, there’s probably a lot of reason to assume many people in the military would lean to the conclusion that some UFOs were interplanetary spaceships.

    But the fact remains, neither Bragalia nor the rest of us know what those papers really had in them.

    And the UPI could very well have been a think tank similar to the Collins elite, which according to Nick Redfern’s book Final Events came to another very different conclusion: that UFOs and aliens were demonic manifestations!

    Just because it has an official stamp, doesn’t make it right.

  3. Did you know your tax dollars

    Did you know your tax dollars also bailed out McDonalds?

    The program of loans to McDonalds, Caterpillar, a German federal Land and so on is probably the most defensible thing the Fed did in the Lehman aftermath. At least Caterpillar is a fundamentally solvent and worthwhile business that was having trouble borrowing due to the financial crisis, something that can’t be said about Citigroup.

    Mmm, sacra-lacta-licious.

    Har dee har har. Anyhow, probably one reason this seems more freakish now than it did in 1601 is that Europeans around that time apparently associated breasts more with motherhood and moral virtue and less with teh sexe than we do today. IIRC the English court ladies had a fad for topless dresses at some point.

      1. Well, IIRC the dresses of
        Well, IIRC the dresses of course demurely covered the really naughty bits, their shoulders. But there may well have been some of that too, yes.

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