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Source Code

One of my fave movies last year was Duncan Jones’ Moon, a wonderful, minimalist sci-fi piece that y’all should definitely make time for. After impressing the big boys in Hollywood with his indie hit, Jones was tasked with the bigger budget Source Code, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Here’s the trailer, looks like good stuff:

Bit of a wait before we’re able to see it though…release date is mid-April 2011.

    1. Don’t be cruel on Zowie after
      Don’t be cruel on Zowie after just two movies. I think he shows some promise and I hope he could convince his old man to play some part in a future movie or at least do the score to the movie. That could be interesting.

      1. You’re right
        I didn’t mean to sound as if I was criticizing this brilliant filmmaker’s work.

        My intention was merely to point out that the plot of Source Code do seems awfully similar to some of the wildly controversial myths surrounding the Montauk Project.

        Whether this guy has read or heard anything about Montauk, that is something yet to be seen.

  1. Use the source code, Luke!
    I think I may be a little disappointed in the scenario of a terrorist-type bombing of a train. It is a popular message right now… and I am sure it suits someone, somewhere to forward the cause of general unease or even outright fear in the public.

    But I won’t pass judgement based on a two minute trailer. It does look like it could be quite good even with that scenario.

    Oh, and for just a split second… I think I was in the source code myself, seeing Gyllenhaal on an airliner next to a pretty girl, as the new ice age was about to descend…

    1. It makes sense, though
      I mean, the idea of using all those novel techniques in order to help the government with their current fears.

      The same way the CIA was using their remote viewers to try and snoop into Soviet secret installations. There are like a million more interesting things you could try when experimenting with PSI abilities, and yet all the Langley boys wanted was a cheaper way to do their jobs than a 50 million space satellite 😉

      PS: You think someone has approached Ingo Swann lately to ask him if he can locate Osama?

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