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Darklore Volume 5 Sample Articles

I know quite a few of you already have your saintly hands on the pages of our latest anthology release, Darklore Volume 5 (available from Amazon US and Amazon UK). For those that are still wavering on whether their bookshelves are worthy enough to hold this treasure of the gods, you can download, print and read three sample articles from the new release in their original typesetting (as PDFs) via the Darklore website.

The sample articles are:

  • My piece “How Martin Gardner Bamboozled the Skeptics” (recently also posted as a feature article here on TDG).
  • Martin Shough’s masterful “Return of the Flying Saucers”, which details the history of Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 sighting that inspired the saucer terminology.
  • “Closing the Circle” by Richard Andrews (ie. TDG admin Perceval), in which he looks at the decoding and interpretation of crop circles.

Here’s the title page to Martin’s piece:

Note too that all sample articles from previous Darklore releases remain available on the website, so there’s now 15 free PDFs available for download and reading over there. A bargain at half the price! (For a detailed listing of all of the content in each issue, see the Releases page.)

And remember, you can always read all of the articles in Darklore Volume 5 – already printed and packed within a lovely bookcover – simply by picking up a copy from Amazon US or Amazon UK.

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