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1970s UFO Documentary Online

Here’s a blast from the past: the 1977 Australian documentary UFOs Are Here! has been placed on as a free download (in multiple formats). Yes, that’s 33 years ago folks:

This UFO documentary film was produced in 1977… Sadly, the master copies of this film and the two which followed it have been lost to the ravages of time. Only one VHS copy of it survived; so Australia’s Channel 9 gave us permission to convert it to digital video in an effort to preserve it as an archive for the use of posterity.

The documentary is notable for featuring a number of the ‘big’ UFO names: Jacques Vallee, Allen Hynek, Kenneth Arnold, Stanton Friedman, Betty Hill and Ray Palmer. It also features a young Steven Spielberg, around the time of his seminal Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

I’ve embedded the video below – if you’d rather download a copy, head to Note that there is an extended introduction by writer Stan Deyo, so if you want to dive straight into the documentary then you’ll need to skip ahead to about the 10 minute mark of the video:

Thanks to dp1974 for the heads-up.

  1. Great save!
    Wow, I haven’t heard that title in years! Glad someone took the time to put it out in the public domain before it was lost.

    Thanks for sharing!

    PS – As one more option, there is the xVideoThief (link below) software that will download and convert YouTube vids to your computer. I use it in tandem with another program, Imagen, to get into the nuts and bolts of some of the more remarkable videos there.



    1. I installed “thief” om my
      I installed “thief” om my Widows XP machine, but find that the first Youtube video downloaded only plays sound – no video. This is going automatically to Windows Media Player for playback. Is there more I need to do for total conversion? Thanks.

      1. xThief
        At the bottom of the program window, next to the field for the video URL, is a button to click to select the landing spot/directory for your downloads and another button nearby for other formatting options. I generally choose mpg for format because it is very basic and plays back in the Imagen.

  2. Space Brothers
    I believe that the UFO phenomenon is real. However, one has to be very careful about blindly accepting every claim that is made. The UFO issue is like a minefield –elements of truth interspersed with much misunderstanding, ignorance, fantasy, hoaxes etc… So, I don’t believe everything that is in this documentary.

    I don’t believe there is anything harmful about the UFO phenomenon. We are showing that competition and division will one day extinguish life through warfare or environmental destruction. In order to live long enough to master space travel, competition and division must have been overcome long, long ago. So, benevolence and love must indeed be the earmark of the space travelers coming here. If there is fear attached to the UFOs it is, firstly, coming from those in the world’s military forces and intelligence agencies whose job it is to keep the cover up intact; secondly, it is coming from Hollywood that depicts every person from space as some tentacled or maniacal conqueror; and, thirdly, it is from people who are suffering from “astral imagination” and honestly believe they are being abducted and experimented on by nasty “aliens”

    On the issue of UFO secrecy, I don’t believe that secrecy exists because governments are afraid the public will panic. If that were the case it stands to reason that your average UFO witness would need psychological counseling as a result of their experience. The reason for the cover up seems to be the fear that governments and military forces around the world have and not fear coming from the public. The governments around the world are afraid they would lose power if the fact was ever revealed that benevolent people from advanced cultures were coming here from other planets.

    If governments admitted the reality behind the UFOs and that they were harmless, who would need President or Prime Minister so-and-so, military generals, billionaires, religious leaders, or ideologues of any stripe telling them how to think, what to believe, to who or what to pledge their allegiance, who to be afraid of, and what group of powerful, aged men in government to fight and die for? If there are benevolent, wise, highly advanced beings coming here from other planets who could show us the way, the men of power and influence on this world would risk losing that power. After all, these benevolent and wise travelers would be invited to land and teach us how to achieve as they have done and help us solve our most pressing problems.

    I recommend reading “The Gathering of the Forces of Light” by Benjamin Creme and “Here To Help: UFOs and the Space Brothers” by Gerard Aartsen.

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