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The Orb and David Gilmour

Prog and ambient music lovers rejoice: yesterday saw the release of the latest album from The Orb, Metallic Spheres, which features the genius of David Gilmour of Pink Floyd on guitar. Here’s some ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage of the recording process:

Gilmour’s contribution to Metallic Spheres comes forty years after this hour-long Pink Floyd performance for San Francisco public TV Station KQED in 1970 – the man has been making great music for a long, long time.

Yes, I am a Gilmour fan. Amazing guitarist and songwriter.

  1. Gilmour, The Orb & KQED
    Really cool. Glad to see Gilmour still recording. And that hour-long from the 70s? Even cooler! There’s footage I’ve never seen before. Pink Floyd still lives…

  2. Fl’Orb
    Hello floaters

    Artist: The Orb Featuring David Gilmour
    Title Of Album: Metallic Spheres
    Year Of Release: 2010
    Label: Columbia/Sony Records
    Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Abstract / Rock
    Total Time: 48:54 Min
    Format: FLAC (tracks + .cue, log-file)
    Quality: Lossless
    Total Size: 313 Mb
    1. Metallic Side (28:42)
    1-01a – Metallic Spheres
    1-01b – Hymns To The Sun (Written-By – Graham Nash)
    1-01c – Black Graham (Written-By – Marcia Mello)
    1-01d – Hiding In Plain View (Written-By – Tim Bran)
    1-01e – Classified
    2. Sphere Side (20:12)
    1-02a – Es Vedra
    1-02b – Hymns To The Sun (Reprise)
    1-02c – Olympic
    1-02d – Chicago Dub (Written-By – Graham Nash)
    1-02e – Bold Knife Trophy
    Download FLAC (lossless version) HERE and buy the The deluxe 2-CD version with an extra disc later, featuring the new 3D60 process, which allows a 360-degree sound experience on stereo tracks without any special equipment. 3D60 is a new sound production process created specially to deliver an immersive, widescreen listening experience to headphones. Developed by The Jam’s live sound engineer and music video director Mike Brady, musician and multimedia producer Ian Thompson, and internationally renowned music producer Youth, 3D60 sounds amazing on any headphones with any playback format.CD 1 contains the stereo mix of “Metallic Side” and “Sphere Side,” while CD 2 features the 360 mix of both tracks. The package also includes connectivity to for access to free bonus material.

    1. Cheers for DG
      Hope to find this for sale soon.

      Trying to download the RAR files is a little like trying to screw a Lincoln Navigator into a small bodily orifice without Vaseline.

      The days of straight up P2P file sharing are clearly long gone. But on the upside, coke dealers in Hollywood are no longer in danger of having to apply for food stamps…

  3. Listening to it now
    This album is great so far. Just made it through the first track, the influence of David Gilmour is most certainly there.

    The fly through sequence in that hour long Pink Floyd performance is astonishing. The 70s era resolution on the video makes it even more succumbing.

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