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A quick note regarding some changes I’ve made here on TDG: Firstly, on the frontpage I’ve swapped the expert blogs and the focus story positions, as the focus story changes more often and so gives a more dynamic look to the Grail.

Secondly, I have modified the ‘recent posts‘ link at the top of the page. It now only shows the latest activity on stories and blogs created by TDG editors or featured bloggers. This change came about due to a lot of blogs being posted that I felt did not reflect the philosophy of this site. While members are free to post blogs on whatever topic they like, I felt that their inclusion in the recent posts menu link added far too much ‘noise’ to the ‘signal’ of posts from TDG editors and featured bloggers.

For those who like to keep up with *all* the posts on TDG, you can still access this function from the menu block on the right of the page titled “Recent posts (includes blogs)“, and you can also see the latest blogs via the block towards the bottom of the front page.

There may also be more changes upcoming to help put the focus back on the real Grail material.