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Update: The voting has now closed, big thanks to all who added to the total – y’all rock!


A quick off-topic post hoping to call on the power of the Grail community: my older sister is a primary/grade school teacher here in Australia, and a damn good one – she puts in more hours than any teacher I’ve ever seen. Her school is currently a chance of winning a $30,000 staff room makeover competition; they just need a chunk of votes before it closes tomorrow. So, 10,000 daily readers of the Daily Grail community, you’d be doing me a great service if you could head to the competition website and cast a vote for “Mossman State School” – the box will autocomplete once you begin typing (note though, *not* “Mossman State High School”). If you’re not in Australia, just put 4873 in the postcode box. And remember to untick the ‘future offers’ box…

My big sis has done some mighty fine things for me over the years, so anything you can do to allow me to return the favour is much appreciated!