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Darklore 5 – It’s Hee-ere!!

It’s Halloween! The perfect time to announce that The Daily Grail’s latest anthology release, Darklore Volume 5, is now available at Here’s the cover and a summary of the fantastic bunch of articles in DL5 – but first, the obligatory pimping!

Amazon UK:

(if listed as unavailable, it shouldn’t take too long to correct itself)

Here’s a listing of the wonderful reading in Darklore Volume 5:

  • Dr David Luke explores the strange territory of the DMT trip and the beings that one encounters there.
  • Mike Jay looks back at the forward thinking of science fiction giant H.G. Wells.
  • Richard J. Andrews decodes a crop circle and ponders what it all means.
  • Philip Coppens attempts to unearth the secrets of the Angelic Society.
  • Martin Shough reclaims ‘flying saucers’ from the debunkers.
  • Nick Redfern goes in search of mammoths in the modern world.
  • Blair MacKenzie Blake digs into the occult influences of The Sirius Mystery.
  • Sphinx researcher Robert Schoch wonders whether the moai of Easter Island were moved with the mind.
  • Neil Arnold uncovers the lost history of the ‘Mill Race Monster’.
  • Erik Davis investigates the magickal realism of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos.
  • Greg Taylor tells how Martin Gardner bamboozled the skeptics in the case of history’s greatest spirit medium.
  • Theo Paijmans takes you through the fairies’ portal.
  • Nigel Watson brings the cloudships of Magonia back to earth.

Thanks for your support of the Darklore series – as mentioned with previous releases the royalties help to keep TDG running, and also provide great support for the top Fortean writers and researchers out there.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy the high strangeness and hidden history to be found in the new release! I’ll post some further updates about Darklore Volume 5 during the week, as well as providing some sample articles here at TDG and at the Darklore website.

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