Bohemian Radin-sy has a nice article discussing the psi research being conducted by Dr Dean Radin and the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). The article also has input from ‘skeptic’ Robert Carroll, and ends with this interesting comment from Radin about the difficulty in getting mainstream scientific attention for research into anomalies:

“By the time a paper shows up in a scientific journal, it has passed through several layers of prejudice, and it’s going to reflect whatever the mainstream view is,” Radin says. “This makes it exceptionally difficult for anything except for a mainstream view to ever make it into the science literature, and science literature is what major newspapers and magazines use to say here’s what science is learning today.” Radin and his colleagues turn to alternative journals like the Journal of Scientific Exploration to communicate their findings.

…But the critical experiment, he predicts, will not come from a parapsychologist; it will be easier for someone on the inside to gain mainstream attention. “Some problems in biology and psychology seem very resistant to classical ways of thinking,” he says, and proposes quantum psychology or biology as the breakthrough field. He envisions a future experiment in which a quantum psychologist will separate twins in two different rooms, poke one and watch the other one flinch.

“There will be this major discovery of connectivity between people that has quantumlike properties,” he says. “Somebody will remind them that there are 100 years of evidence that people have already found that. What you’ll find is a revisionist history domino effect going backward. All those people were playing with something, but they didn’t know what they had.

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