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Designer universe? Will we ever get to see the label in huge fiery letters… Made in China?

  • Does your language shape how you think?
  • Remembrances of lives past.
  • The secret history of psychedelic psychiatry.
  • An amoral manifesto.
  • Can eating vegetables prevent lung cancer?
  • Man cannot sue over Large Hadron Collider’s threat to Earth.
  • How technology created humans.
  • Mayan artificial lake with ceramic-lined floor discovered.
  • New hopes arise in magnetic fields.
  • A nuclear dash for Thorium?
  • Hundreds of ancient sites discovered due to dry start to summer.
  • Bad to the bones.
  • Science funding and the Matthew Effect.
  • Mysterious elongated crater on Mars.
  • New honeybee breed the key to combating colony collapse disorder.
  • Are we living in a designer universe.

Quote of the Day:

Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke.

Hermann Hesse