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‘Maverick biologist’ Rupert Sheldrake recently gave a talk at Schumacher Colleger about his research into animal telepathy. For those interested, you can view this talk online (almost an hour and a half long), and I’ve embedded it below for convenience.

For a shorter exploration of his research, Fortean Times have posted an online version of Rupert’s article from FT265, “Instant Messaging: Psychic pets and twin telepathy“. And for the more technically minded, over at his website you’ll find the full text of last year’s Journal of Scientific Exploration article, “An Automated Test for Telepathy in Connection with Emails“.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling more right-brained and looking for a meandering conversation on the crossovers between science and esoterica, have a listen to the latest ‘Trialogue’ uploaded to Sheldrake Online, “The Heavens” (44 mins).