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On the eve of this year’s Summer Solstice, a crop circle appeared in a wheat field in Bakersfield, California. Apocalyptic memo from our alien overlords? Trans-Atlantic plasma vortexes? Military dirigibles housing microwave beam weapons? Alas no – just British underground artists the Circlemakers creating a ‘stage’ for the American rock band Korn to perform a live gig on:

The Circlemakers have a dedicated page with photos, videos and schematics of the construction process and live gig, and how it came about:

It’s not very often one of the biggest rock groups in the US rings up and asks us if we’d like to fly to their home town – in this case Bakersfield, California – to create a massive crop circle for them to perform a secret gig in… but that’s exactly what happened last month, when Korn gave us a call!

Circlemakers John Lundberg, Wil Russell, Rob Irving and Mark Barnes flew to California to create the Korn crop circle. The formation was created in two stages over two days in mature wheat. It measured a whopping 700ft long by 230ft wide. Heat stroke was an ever-present possibility as the temperature soared to 120 degrees.

For those just as interested in the music as the crop circle design, you can watch the entire live gig online, via Korn’s MySpace page (or via the below video embed):

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