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‘Spiral UFO’ Seen in Australia

Right on cue with the airing of the Westall ’66 documentary last night, early risers on the east coast of Australia this morning were greeted with another instance of a ‘spiral UFO’, somewhat similar to the Norwegian spiral ‘UFO’ we reported on late last year. Here’s video uploaded to YouTube, taken around 5am this morning:

In the Norwegian case, it seems the spiral was almost certainly created by a malfunctioning booster during the launch of a Russian missile. And in this case, it’s likely again that the culprit is the launch of a rocket – this time, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 which successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, at around 4.45am AEST this morning, pretty much the same time this new ‘UFO’ was spotted. In the video highlights of the launch (embedded below), you can also see that just before shutdown in orbit (4:53am AEST) the tail of the rocket seems to be gyrating somewhat, which would give the look of a spiraling light from Earth.

I’m sure there’ll be more qualified technical analysis of the whole thing in quick time, but wanted to note this for anybody seeing the news for the first time just now.

Thanks to Rick for the heads-up.

Update: Quite a few of the reports I’m seeing now from Australians are saying it was just before 6am, not around 5am. Pretty sure I’ve got the timezone conversion correct (18:45 UT = 4.45am AEST) – anybody want to correct me? Is it possible the spiral ‘UFO’ is a separated stage re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere?

  1. Another possibility involves HAARP
    Or rather, Europe’s EISCAT, the European Incoherent Scatter Facility which takes aim at the ionosphere and beyond. This theory was put forth for the Norway Spiral and, even though Australia’s on the other side of the planet, it’s quite possible someone was doing secret atmospheric tests in the Pacific. Probably those kiwis again, or Peter Jackson having an OBE.

    Does anyone have anything like EISCAT in Antarctica/South America?

    1. I agree
      I don’t buy the ‘Russian booster’ explanation. Back in the day numerous people (physicists included) pointed out the implausibility of that scenario.

      And there was also that article someone helped me uncover, in which HAARP had been claimed to have the capacity of creating artificial Auroras in bullseye shape:

      But since the facility ramped up to 3.6 megawatts – roughly three times more than a typical broadcast radio transmitter – it has created full-scale artificial auroras that are visible to the naked eye.

      But in February last year, HAARP managed to induce a strange bull’s-eye pattern in the night sky.

      Instead of the expected fuzzy, doughnut-shaped blob, surprising irregular luminescent bands radiated out from the centre of the bull’s-eye, according to Todd Pedersen, a research physicist at the US Air Force Research Laboratory in Massachusetts, who leads the team that ran the experiment at HAARP.

      OK, but does that explain the new Aussie spiral: I don’t know. Probably not.

      1. physicists
        I read the paper by that “physicist”. The math makes some assumptions that are just plain silly. The author wasn’t a physicist as in a professional, it was a first year student. Personally I doubt if that student is going to graduate, at least from physics.

          1. one of them
            One of them that I remember is that he assumed the alleged rocket was on a straight line between a likely launch location, and a point just off Norway. No lateral travel from that line by the rocket.

            Other things were about the altitude and air density (or lack thereof). It wasn’t even an attempt at a serious paper, just some basic trigonometry.

  2. i was wondering
    just how long before they tested the Australian HAARP installation.
    well, now i know…..

    Won’t be long before they test a merging of all the installations that have been tested so far.

    Then we will see a light show………

  3. just another thought
    there has been hundreds of rockets launched over the years…..funny how we have “surposedly” seen this booster stage spiral once.

    I ain’t stupid, and I hope other people aren’t either.

    1. Spiralling theories
      I still haven’t seen any experts explain how people on the east and southern coast of Australia could see a rocket launch 10’000 miles away in Florida, considering the curvature of the Earth, Austtralia being in the southern hemisphere and Florida in the northern, and describe the UFO as moving west (ie, inland Australia). Doesn’t add up to me either, Floppy.

      But dammit Jim, I’m a writer, not a physicist!

      1. also
        Also the NASA footage doesn’t show the rocket spiralling like that. It seemed to go pretty smooth. And yeah, you can’t get a whole lot further away than Florida.

        1. Visible in New Zealand?
          It was about 7am in New Zealand when the spiral UFO was seen in eastern Australia. Would the rising sun have made it too light to see it, or would something as big and spectacular as the spiraling UFO have been visible at dawn? The fact no one in New Zealand saw the spiral could be a telling factor. Japan is in the same timezone as eastern Australia, but no reports from there.

          It’s a very long shot, but worth considering.

      2. It’s not rocket science…oh wait, yes it is
        [quote=Rick MG]I still haven’t seen any experts explain how people on the east and southern coast of Australia could see a rocket launch 10’000 miles away in Florida, considering the curvature of the Earth, Austtralia being in the southern hemisphere and Florida in the northern,[/quote]

        But that’s the thing, they didn’t see the rocket launch – it launched at 4.45am, people saw the spiral just before 6am. But this trajectory map for the launch shows that it passed right over us, and the hour between launch and sighting would probably match up pretty closely given the relative velocity of rockets heading into orbit.

        It’s possible it *could* have been something else, but I’d lean far more heavily towards the Falcon 9 explanation at this stage. Still, would have been very eerie to see first thing in the morning.

        1. Dammit Greg
          I was just about to post a blog linking the spiral UFO to spiral rock art in Ireland and Southwest America. What will I do with my Sunday afternoon now? 😛

          1. it is possible but….
            I’m not convinced it was the rocket gyratting at shutdown……this would put it a very long way up, and it isn’t all that big.
            But if you had certain atmospheric conditions, it is possible.
            But why have we never seen or heard of this before?
            With the amount of rockets launched over the last 40 odd years, surely this would have happened on a few of these.
            But then again….i’ll be 60% rocket and 40% other…..

            PS…Rick, I would love to see those rock art spirals….

        2. Trajectory map
          Greg – that map shows that the launch crossed Australia west to east, and yet the reports of the ‘light’ said it was travelling west. That doesn’t add up.

          Regards, Kathrinn

  4. Self-Referential Wonders
    Whomever got to see that spiral were very lucky.

    So many wonderful things going on all around us. Thanks for pointing it out!

  5. Just thought I’d mention this
    In our local paper today (Bowen Independent), evidently a local woman saw this light about 5.45 a.m. AEST. From her description it appears to have been travelling east at the time. She hadn’t mentioned it previously as she didn’t want others to think she was nuts.

    If it was the same light, it was spotted quite a long way north.

    Regards, Kathrinn

  6. This is something really
    This is something really interesting know about UFO seen in Australia and more over also the eye witnesses who did see the UFO ships are surprised to know is this a fake or this is a reality. Confusion all around but the goverment autorities are still not confident about it.

    1. I saw something similar to
      I saw something similar to these spiral shaped clouds unwinding from a central point which was a small silvery craft in my sighting. This was directly above my home in NW Arkansas – happened about two years ago. I have written of it several times here and elsewhere on public sites. In my case, I rushed into my house to grab my binoculars – gone about 7 seconds as I later timed it – and when I resumed my position of obesrvation the cloud and craft had completely disappeared. That really blew my mind because the cloud was probaby a few miles in extent. My first impression that this was very, very advanced technology at work whether “ours” or “theirs” I couldn’t say.

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