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This one looks like a lot of mind-fracking Grail-like fun: Inception, by Christopher Nolan (the guy behind Memento, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight):

The plot looks to be based around a kind of ‘lucid dreaming’ technology – a very cool topic, and coincidentally one which will be addressed in an upcoming book to be released by Daily Grail Publishing (but more on that at a later date) – and I’d imagine Matrix-like questions as to what is actually ‘real’ (e.g. some lucid dreamers get stuck in ‘dream loops’ where they keep ‘waking’ into another dream which they think is reality).

As is usual these days, there’s also been a viral publicity campaign which you might like to check out, if you have far more time than I do…

Inception is due out on July 16 this year.