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British mentalist-magician par excellence Derren Brown returns to the small screen this week with a new show, the rather unimaginatively titled Derren Brown Investigates. Over three weeks (starting tonight), Brown will work with and examine the claims of a medium, a ghost-hunter, and a paranormal ‘healer’. Here’s the trailer:

I’m a big Derren Brown fan on many levels – not only is he a great showman, but he seems to be a deep thinker as well – and so I enjoyed reading what appears to be quite an honest and thoughtful blog posting on his website about the series, his stance towards paranormal claims and trickery, and the development of belief systems. Despite being an outspoken skeptic, Brown claims that he has…

…approached these documentaries quite openly: as a magician, and someone steeped in the world of the paranormal, I would love to find something that I can’t explain.

That’s some TV that I would like to see. However, my hopes are not high – on a previous series his promised testing of a remote-viewing ‘expert’ managed to avoid completely every expert I was familiar with (his producers even managed to find a guy named Wayne Carr…). And from the preview of the first show, it seems they once again haven’t gone out of their way to test an expert.