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Some quick site news worth noting:

  • The Daily Grail has once again been nominated for a Zorgy Award, in the “Best Paranormal News Service” category. If you want to cast your vote, head on over and get a’clickin…maybe we could beat our 2007 record of 1058 votes? Or maybe we should all vote for The Anomalist for a change, as it fully deserves an award? While there, have a browse of the other noms and categories – it’s a good place to find new sites worth visiting, plus a few of our regular linkages are nominated in other categories (e.g. Skeptiko and BoA in the podcast section).
  • I have added a right-hand block to all member blogs now, which more clearly points out who is writing the content (blogger name, and avatar if you have one). As I find time I may also pad that out with more information. If you are a logged in member and want to add an avatar for yourself, just go to ‘My Account’ in the menu on the right of the site, click on the ‘Edit’ tab and scroll down to the image upload area.

Rock the vote.