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The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence has released the fifth instalment of their ‘UFO Files’ to the National Archives, where they can be freely downloaded as individual PDF files for the next month. This release is the biggest so far, with 24 files containing more than 6000 pages of documents from the period 1994 to 2000 (with the actual UFO report files dating from August 1996 through to the end of September 2000). Once again UFO researcher/historian Dr David Clarke is acting as consultant to the National Archives on the project, and he’s provided a concise overview of the new files as both a PDF ‘highlights’ guide, and also via the video presentation below. For a little more detailed examination, visit David’s blog and read the last few posts there.

As with past releases, this news has had widespread coverage (the BBC, CNN, NY Times, etc). I’m a little disappointed in the way David Clarke continues to give space to speculative skeptical explanations (e.g. the Phenomena movie link in the video above) while barely noting the more interesting, mysterious examples, such as the angel hair case (and on his blog, he unfairly conflates the angel hair sublimation with the disappearance of ‘fairy food’). Even worse though is that the MoD didn’t even investigate cases like this further (or did, but aren’t talking about it).

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