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Travel Egypt with Bauval

For those that have always wanted to visit the pyramids, here’s a tour that might be right up your alley. ‘Alternative Egypt’ author Robert Bauval (The Orion Mystery) will be hosting the All Pyramids Tour of Egypt this coming equinox (19 to 27 March 2010), staying at the world-famous Sphinx Guesthouse (which is just 300 metres in front of the Sphinx). Co-host on the tour is well-known author on 2012-related subjects, John Major Jenkins. The tour will concentrate on Giza and other pyramids close to Cairo, and will feature evening lectures from the two hosts:

Together they will host a special once-in-a-lifetime tour in Cairo, Egypt, in intellectual and spiritual preparation for the coming of 21 December 2012. Don’t miss this unique event when we will visit and perform ancient rituals of rejuvenation at pyramid sites. In addition to sight seeing there will be be lectures, workshops, and round-table talks…

Note that bookings and passport details must be received before 5 March 2010 if you want to take part in this tour (and if you’re keen, remember that there is a $US100 discount if you book before February 15). Full details at Robert’s website.

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