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Stanton Friedman is Real

Paranormal TV has made Paul Kimball’s excellent documentary Stanton Friedman is Real available online in its entirety via YouTube:

I don’t agree with a number of Stan’s conclusions and views, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a fascinating character – a gifted speaker, a driven researcher, and a preacher of sorts for the ‘nuts and bolts’ view of UFOs as alien flying saucers (and of course, the ‘grandfather of Roswell’ and supporter of the MJ-12 documents). A wonderful portrait of one of ufology’s most enduring and controversial public faces.

Previously on TDG:

  1. Stan the man
    It’s a terrific documentary by Paul Kimball, balanced and informative. A lot’s said about Stanton and his theories, in blogs and opinion pieces, a lot of it not very nice, so I hope the doco sets the story straight — and inspires newcomers to the UFO mystery.

    Some of the attacks on Stan are extremely nasty, and not just from skeptics but fellow UFOlogists. In Stan’s defence, he’s made it clear numerous times that he’s only interested in UFOs that exhibit “nuts & bolts” traits. Stan’s actually quite open to the theories of Jacques Vallee and others, and refers to them with respect in his books and lectures (pseudoskeptics and cynics, however, suffer his undivided wrath!).

    You can argue that only focusing on one aspect/theory of the UFO phenomenon is akin to wearing blinkers and not seeing the big picture — but I find many supporters of Vallee and the ‘supernatural/psychological’ theory just the same in many respects. Enough said about skeptics. It’s their way or the highway. But UFOs vary too widely and wildly to be pinned down by One Theory for Everything.

    It’s entirely possible that some UFOs are extraterrestrial craft, some are supernatural, some are psychological, and the rest misidentified natural phenomena or man-made aircraft. It’s a big universe, there’s room for all. Especially researchers like Stanton Friedman, he’s not a relic of the 1950s, but a meticulous investigator who’s passionate about UFOs, setting the stage for the next generation to build upon.

    That being said, I was a little disappointed with Stan’s latest book, Flying Saucers and Science — there’s very little science in it, and it’s mostly proselytising and a summary of his life’s work (a co-author may have helped). I’m also wary of Majestic 12 and Roswell, which Stan remains heavily involved in. Some people find him a bit overbearing and “eccentric” when speaking, but he’s a genuinely nice guy, a gentleman and a scholar, and I have the utmost respect for his efforts investigating the UFO mystery — no one can begrudge that.

    Who knows, Stan may be right. I hope so!

  2. Thanks for linking to this
    Thanks for linking to this Greg. This was the first documentary I directed, and it remains my favourite, and probably my best. Glad folks like it.

  3. Awesome docu; awesome man
    Ah. Finally had a chance to sit back and enjoy this documentary.

    I’m also part of the folks who don’t agree 100% with Stan, but boy would I love to have the chance to sit with him, have a few beers and chat about UFOs! 🙂

    As for the docu, it’s remarkable, even more considering it was Paul’s first. I give it 4 red pills out of 5, and that’s only because a) it would’ve been great if Bill Moore’s involvement with the infamous Aviary was mentioned; and b) if Paul had included the interview of an actual alien 😛

    PS. Couple of things I wanted to add:

    a) I almost cried with joy when finding out Stan is also a strong supporter of fractal order around the office, just like I am 🙂

    b) If i were the guy in charge of the marketing strategies of the Marriott hotels, I would seek to make a commercial with Stan, seeking his endorsement 😉

  4. Re: Bill Moore, it would have
    Re: Bill Moore, it would have been too much to get into the whole Aviary business in this film. However, I asked him to appear in the follow-up doc, Do You Believe in Majic, which was specifically about MJ-12, and we corresponded a few times. He had tentatively agreed, and then he backed out. For the record, I think Moore either faked the documents, or knows exactly who did.


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