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Esoterikon 2010

Lovers of ‘hidden history’ are sure to be interested in ‘Esoterikon 2010‘, to be held in Washington, D.C. from July 2nd to 5th this year. The stated aim of the organizers, NightVision Productions, is “to shed new light on secrets that have been suppressed for hundreds, or thousands, of years.” To that end they are busy assembling an all-star line-up of writers and researchers of esoteric history – already confirmed are Margaret Starbird (author and leading researcher into the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and one of Dan Brown’s primary inspirations for The Da Vinci Code), respected long-time researcher and author, the Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe (a premier author and researcher in the so-called Bloodline and Rennes-le-Chateau mysteries, as well as other fringe areas such as parapsychology and the afterlife), and Ben Hammott (English adventurer and author, who recently featured in the 2008 documentary, Bloodline).

According to executive producer René Barnett…

Other speakers already slated and who’ll be announced over the next weeks will reveal new research and archeological discoveries which blow the lid off accepted history. We’ve been saying from the start that this is not your mother’s hidden mysteries conference, and the lineup of guests and guest speakers will take this entire field to new, unexplored levels.

With Washington, D.C. recently taking center stage in Dan Brown’s latest book The Lost Symbol (see my Dan Brown website, The Cryptex for more), Esoterikon 2010 will also include a tour of the Masonic symbolism and architecture in the area, as well as a screening of Bloodline, along with “other events which guarantee Esoterikon to be a unique and unforgettable experience.”

Sounds like it should be a blast. The website for the conference is – detailed information about the event (including newly announced speakers), and how to attend will be posted there over coming weeks.

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