News Briefs 30-12-2009

Stopping in to add some news briefs. Because life can’t be all about reef fishing, snorkelling off tropical isles, reading books and watching blockbuster James Cameron movies…can it?

Quote of the Day:

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.

Albert Einstein

  1. Thanks, Greg
    Am saving this news list to read tomorrow night, as I’ve been writing letters and it’s already rather late!

    Gather you’re sunning (?) yourself at Port Douglas with Grandma Grail. If you fancy a coffee in Bowen on your way home I’d be happy to make one for you (you can find my phone number in the book as you have my name).

    Safe journeying to you, anyway. Looking forward to next year.

    Regards, Kathrinn

  2. flying angels
    The BBC is wrong about the flying angels. Their “scientist” assumes that the wings are used for lift and propulsion, like birds do it.

    Clearly they are just used for control. Well, for artistic reasons as well.

    Of course angels can fly, given sufficient thrust.

    1. (non)-flying angels…
      my thoughts were: ‘why is this scientist taking the images literally?’ and by extrapolation, ‘why do atheists, secular humanists, scientists and others who subscribe to such belief systems also take the bible literally like their xtian fundamentalist adversaries?’

      to me the wings on angels have always been a representation (take it a step back an the angels are representations, too, i suppose) a way for humans to conceptualize them…or more accurately a way humans HAVE conceptualized them…what with our relatively limited powers of observation…

    2. flying angels
      Of course angels can fly. According to ‘science’, bumble-bees can’t fly either. Their wings are supposedly far too small for a body their size. So, either angels can fly, or bumble-bees can’t AND don’t. Duh!

      Shhh! I suggest you tell neither of them. No good deed goes unpunished.

  3. Was 2009 the year that the comics-to-film industry faltered?
    Ah, the American obsession with the box office…

    Shouldn’t we take into account the fact that 2009 was a year in which most people didn’t have as much money to spend at the movies? —you know, that global recession thingy.

    Some movies made so much money in previous years because fans went to watch it more than once. And after that they bought the DVD. Now is not that easy —and maybe some are like me, waiting to have enough dough to buy the Blu-Ray, although first you need to buy yourself a blu-ray player :-/

    Watchmen was a good movie, and I suspect it will have a cult following in the years to come. And Coraline was excellent, and is a strong contender for the Oscar.

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