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Cryptozoology Boinged

Boing Boing’s David Pescovitz has posted a great little interview/feature on Loren Coleman and the International Cryptozoology Museum today. I really like Loren’s comment about how the museum isn’t just about the zoology, but also about the history of the field, and the people that have contributed to it:

I learned in this field, early on, that people come and go, and other people specialized, usually in Bigfoot only, at the exclusive of other cryptids. Nevertheless, I remained focussed on preserving the history of the general field, holistically, comprehensively, and globally. The human element has been as important, sometimes as the cryptids, to me. The hunters, seekers, and searchers, as well as the artists, writers, and “experts,” have their own history to add to the story. Therefore, I tried to buy, gather, collect, and receive items, papers, and books out of respect to the work that people who have pursued these unknowns, these as yet to be discovered species, deserved.

Well worth checking out the whole interview – better yet, if you’re within spitting distance of Portland, Maine, go visit the museum (and Loren!) in person…it’s only $5 entry for crying out loud! And remember that Loren blogs constantly about cryptozoology topics at

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