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Site Updates and a Request

Just a few updates to bring to your attention, and also a plea for assistance. Firstly, the latter: despite several requests, Amazon have failed to link my recent book The Guide to Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol to the previous editions – which means none of the previous reviews or ratings apply to the new book. So, if you’ve read it, I’d really appreciate it if you can help out by posting a review and rating for the book on Amazon – it makes a big difference to prospective purchasers if there’s some feedback there.

Secondly: I’m continuing with site upgrades/updates as I find time. There is now a ‘Contact Us’ facility available via the main menu on the right of the page. This will allow readers to directly contact individual (or all) Daily Grail admins. Note too that ‘regular’ TDG members can also take advantage of this and allow others to send them email via a personal contact form – just go into ‘My Account’ and enable that feature.

Also, I’ve added a printable page function (and also an ’email to a friend’ function) to the bottom of individual story pages – I know some people like to print longer articles out for reading on paper. Note too that at the bottom of story pages there are also now a number of icons allowing readers to submit/share articles (if they desire) via various social networking/news sites.

The ‘Spotlight’ section on the front page is no longer the latest story from the Daily Grail blog – it is now just the most recent story that I have flagged as worth bringing to people’s attention on the front page. Head to the blog (via the menu at the top of the page, or via the link at the bottom right of the ‘Spotlight’ story) on your visits to get the full run-down of recently posted stories. And at the bottom of the front page I have replaced the rather static ‘Most Read Blogs’ block with a ‘Recent Comments’ block.

There is also a new block on the right of the page featuring my Twitter feed, which often contains interesting links and comments pertaining to Grailish topics. I’ll be further refining the blocks on the right, and working on various other aspects of the site, as time allows in coming weeks.

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