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Best movie of the year for me. Hands down. Go watch it in a local cinema, or pick it up on DVD/BluRay (details beneath the trailer). Sam Rockwell in Duncan Jones’ Moon:

It’s one of those (unfortunately rare) movies that combine a brilliant storyline with a quality actor and tasteful directing/editing. And the soundtrack – part of which you can hear in the trailer – sets the vibe perfectly. All for a fraction of the cost of most ‘blockbusters’.

Moon is now out on DVD and BluRay in the UK. The BluRay version is multi-region (despite what Amazon UK says), so US readers can purchase it if they can’t wait for the January 12 release in the States:

  • Amazon UK: BluRay or DVD (available now)
  • Amazon US: BluRay or DVD (pre-order for Jan 12 release)

Two other things worth noting for those that have already seen the film and loved it: Props from the film are currently being auctioned on eBay (Gerty’s already gone, but there’s a few things still left). And if you thought Sam Rockwell’s performance was first-rate (considering he is almost the only on-screen actor for the whole film), you can join the push to have him nominated for an Oscar.

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