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Megalithic Mystery

Here’s a fascinating video from the wonderful Standing with Stones documentary, a two hour journey exploring the Neolithic and Bronze Age sites of the British Isles. In this particular video, presenter Rupert Soskin is baffled by what appears to be a carved piece of petrified wood in a burial chamber on Anglesy:

When I traveled to the UK ten years ago one of my favourite experiences was visiting megalithic sites – from Stonehenge through to small barely-known arrangements in farmer’s fields. The atmosphere of these places is heavy with a sense of vast time. Here’s a wonderful time-lapse video that gives you the feel of these sacred sites; the realisation that the Earth has spun countless times, and all sorts of biological creatures have come and gone, while these stones just sat there as mute witnesses: “Lapse of Memory” by Tony Partington assembles more than 70,000 panoramic high-dynamic range images into a one-of-a-kind viewing experience:

If megaliths interest you, I definitely recommend picking up a copy of the Standing with Stones documentary – an authoritative visual guide that is worth every cent (or penny). The linked website has a number of other sample videos for watching, and there’s also a companion book to the DVD which is available from Amazon US and UK.

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