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Today I am the bearer of absolute, absolute, crap news: Our good friend Mac Tonnies has passed away. I’m gutted. Mac was a deep thinker, an outstanding writer, and a wonderful artist – but most of all, he was a great guy. I felt a real kinship with him as someone who was able to be both analytical and logical, but also able to ‘let go’ and bathe in the weird glow of Forteana and speculative thinking (not to mention we shared a deep and abiding love of coffee). Mac contributed an article to Darklore Volume 2, and had tentatively agreed to write some entries on TDG once I sorted out the new layout of the site. We also discussed putting together a science-fiction ‘concept’ anthology a few times – I thought he would be the perfect person to organize and edit the collection – but it was a project that we just ‘never got around to’. And now sadly never will.

Greg Bishop has posted a note about Mac’s passing on UFO Mystic and Nick Redfern also, as has Paul Kimball of Redstar Films – Nick, Greg and Paul were some of his best buddies. Transhumanist George Dvorsky has also posted a tribute, pointing out his and Mac’s turbulent 3 year friendship.

If you’d like to take a moment to reflect on Mac’s writing, thoughts, and love of the ‘back-and-forth’ of the web, here’s some links:

Here’s one of my favourites vids:

This is such a terrible loss on so many levels. I know Mac wasn’t much for thoughts of an afterlife, but I for one hope he’s up there, pleasantly surprised (or at least, gasping as he emerges from his total-immersion virtual reality pod). Please post your thoughts if you knew or were touched in some way by the man, I’d love to hear your memories and musings.

Mac Tonnies was 34.