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Thanks For Your Patience

The past month has been a crazy one for me – basically, in five weeks I’ve upgraded three websites, written three articles on the new Dan Brown book for other publications, written/edited/typeset a new book about the topics in The Lost Symbol, and edited/typeset and published the latest Darklore…amongst other things. A number of these were gigs that help me pay the bills, so it was a simple case that I had to ease off the usual Daily Grail posting schedule to save my sanity.

That has unfortunately meant that TDG has mostly been only news briefs and the occasional feature article, and also with a few things that need attention after the site upgrade. I really appreciate everyone’s patience during this time – my schedule should start returning to normal from next week, so expect things to improve around the Grail over the next few weeks as I get more time to immerse myself again.

I’d also like to thank those people who donated a bit of money to the site, a year after I made the original call for a bit of assistance. I generally don’t reply personally to each one (mainly because some people seem to be embarrassed by any thanks I offer – don’t be!!), so I’d like to put out a big group ‘Thanks!’ to all of you. It really does make things a little easier in the tough times, to know that people value the site so highly.

Lastly, again – anyone that has contacted me via email and not got a reply, or who feels the site has slowed somewhat over the past few weeks, my sincere apologies. Sometimes, life just gets in the way!

  1. It’s all good!
    I figured to see more updates/article/reviews/thoughts about the Dan Brown book here on the site, other wise I haven’t noticed much of a change.

    I did get Dark Lore 4 and it’s every bit as good as the previous editions. I especially enjoyed BMB’s article and the Bloodline of the Chupacabra piece, both very interesting. looking forward to finishing it.

    as long as the news keeps coming i’m happy!

    1. Carpe Noches Senor Pigeon
      Hey Greg,

      I’ve george-thoro-goodly enjoyed these six long years of Solomonic foreplay. But, it’s finally time to get “bad to the bone”! So, go-man-go!

      Let us know where to find your commissioned articles. Sorry if I missed an announcement about that.

      What surprises me so far is that no one seems to be discussing the “lost symbol” itself. Why is an item found in almost every home and hotel room considered lost upon the world? Of course I have my own explanation, but I’m waiting for the public, academic, and religious reaction to this fundamental element of the novel, the very “punch line”, if you please.

      Charles Pope

  2. Very reassuring!
    Dear Greg. Hope you take a few days off to regather your strength! Hope my Money Order was one of the donations you received – I’d hate to think it’s still floating about lost forever in the Oz postal system.

    Must admit I’ve been dejected about the downturn in comments and discussion here in recent weeks, as it’s been a big part of my evenings for a good few years now. I sincerely hope things pick up again, as this website was just the best think I ever found on the internet.

    Always, many thanks for your hard work in keeping things afloat.

    Regards, Kathrinn

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